Terms and Conditions


The next following Terms and Conditions will be applied to all AM PRO TELECOM Services.


Service Charge:

The services that we provide are prepaid services. Your first payment includes a modem deposit fee of 60$+ tax that will be refunded at the end of your subscription, and after that it will be monthly payment depending on the plan that you register in. You will be responsible to make all the payments on time before the due date. Balance that remain unpaid after the due date will be charged an interest rate of 2% per month. In case of a failure to make payment, AM Pro Telecom have the right to suspend and or terminate your service at any time with or without further notice. To reactivate or re-install the service you may be charged a reactivation or re-installation fee.


Services Installation:

You may ask the technician to install the service at your place if the functional jack is available there. In case there is no or broken functional jack, the technician will install the service where a functional jack is available. The technician may or may not connect your modem, you will be responsible to connect devices.



-If you pay for a one-year subscription, or one-year prepaid Internet Service and need to cancel before completing the year, and because the installation fee was conceded at the registration, you will have to be charged a fee of $82+tax for cancellation.

-AM PRO Telecom have all the right to apply your deposit without notice in case of any unpaid balances, as well as the remaining balance will be sent to you within ten days after returning all the leased equipment in good working condition with complete parts. Failure to do that within ten business days after the service stop, you will be charged the full cost of any equipment that is not returned to AM Pro Telecom.


Additional Fees:

-A fee of $68+ tax will be required in order to move your service from your place to another one.

-A fee of 45$+ tax will be required in order to suspend your service for a vacation or until you want to reactivate the service in your place.


Limited Liability:

AM Pro Telecom will make all the effort to provide high quality service. However, if the services are interrupted or have Lower performed than what expected for more than 72 consecutive hours, AM Pro Telecom’s liability will be limited to Crediting you the service fee only for the period in question.


Am PRO Telecom reserves the right:

-To change these Terms and Conditions in the future.

-All new Terms and Conditions will be applied to all customers, a copy will be send by email to all clients and the response should be done within 15 business days. In case the client did not respond in the allocated time, we will consider that it is accepted automatically.