AM-Pro IPTV Middleware

IPTV (internet protocol television) can improve the way you deliver content to your customers by allowing them to stream programs online.

Applications available for

It's a full IPTV solution

Middleware is a multi-operated web app that lets you control all aspects of an IPTV solution while enabling service providers to manage over an OTT or IPTV business. Also known as a 'platform software' or 'system software', middleware is basically the mediator between two or more different manufacturers and/or programs for seamless data exchange.

Content Management

Add, edit and manage your content to be available to your users.

Users Management

Customize system user’s privileges, balance, services and more.

Customers Management

Customize your customer subscriptions, packages, services and more.

Restrictions Management

Allowed and disallowed devices, countries and more.

TV Studio

Manage TV packages, package groups and channels to be available to users.

Sub Users Management

Allow your users to create and manage their own system users with full monitoring.

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